Vechain Update: Official Airdrop February 22, 2018

At Vechain, we believe that tokens are most useful when they are as widely distributed as possible. In the case of accessing, managing and paying with a range of different cryptocurrencies, a wide distribution is also critically important for network security. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, opportunity, and technical proficiency necessary to get into the earliest moments of a token generation event. The question becomes: how can a given token find its way into more hands?

In Vechain’s case, 4% has been set aside from the total issuance, ready to be distributed by an automatic airdrop. That is, now every address on the Ethereum blockchain that has a balance over a minimum threshold of 0.1 ETH will receive a share of this 4% that is proportional to their share of ETH.

For every 1 ETH that you hold, you can receive 150 VEN tokens as an airdrop. Existing VEN holders will also benefit from this airdrop, for every 1 VEN that you already have, you can receive an additional 0.3 VEN.

what is vechain

VeChain is the world’s leading blockchain platform for products and information

What can VeChain Do

By leveraging on blockchain technology, VeChain strives to build a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem, which is self-circulating and scalable.


API Gateway Service

D.I.G (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Direct Imported Goods)

Third Party Services


Distributed Data Storage

Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences

why vechain

One of the earliest blockchain technology companies in the world.Top-notch & experienced core management team.Team of 50 and more developers.
We have successfully implemented blockchain solutions across various industries such as luxury goods, liquor and agriculture. These use-cases go beyond the Proof-of-Concept and have already been launched on the market globally.
Our offices are set up across the world in France, Singapore and Hong Kong, managed by Partners capable of delivering blockchain solutions globally.


In a supply chain that consists of manufacturers, logistics, storage, retailers, distributors companies, every company operates in silos and has its own governance. VeChain uses blockchain to enhance the flow of information between each company by breaking silos yet maintaining the privacy of data owned by each company. It results in an efficient logistics process and makes room for innovative business models.


Luxury Goods

In cooperation with one of the prestigious luxury brands in Europe, VeChain embedded customized NFC chips into its leather products to achieve tamper-proof anti-counterfeiting solutions. With these chips, the company was also able to trace the product end-to-end and gain better lifecycle management with VeChain blockchain technology. Consumers can learn the unique “story” behind the product by simply scanning the embedded chip with the VeChain mobile application or an NFC reader.



Municipal government agencies participate in the blockchain network as nodes. Blockchain enables decentralization and the immutability of data ledgers, this allows transparent information exchange and collaboration, which can significantly enhance the security and efficiency of the government services on the Internet.



VeChain offers blockchain-powered cloud services in combination with IoT devices to cater to the practices of the Agriculture industry. It enables precise and accurate data-collection to farms to monitor its surroundings and ensure the quantity and quality of the crops in a controlled environment, and at the same time, minimize the negative impact on the environment.


Food / Drugs

Food safety is a global concern. By creating unique IDs for food & drugs, VeChain digitalizes every unit from its origin and follows the product until it reaches the consumer. This allows consumers and producers to monitor and track the food & drugs throughout its lifecycle, knowing when was the item produced, shipped across borders into the retail store which in turn boosts consumer’s trust and confidence before they purchase an item.


VeChain Nodes

VeChain has deployed 111 nodes across the world.